Easily Leverage Your Friend's Birthdays To Start Conversations And Build Relationships!

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"Easy to use! As marketers, we need to stay top-of-mind with our prospects, leads, and customers. This is the perfect way to do that. Everyone appreciates when we remember their birthday, and we can remind them of what we do and maybe even give them something special for their birthday. Remember we stick to their mind when they need our product or service down the road. This is brilliant!!!

Ed Akehurst
Founder Of Genius

Features & Benefits Of Birthday Post!

1st - Send Personalized Happy Birthday Messages On Your Friends Birthdays!

Your Friends Will Love Getting Personalized Birthday Messages From You And This Is A Great Ice Breaker! You Will Generate More Conversations & Build Faster Relationships!

2nd - Post Personalized Birthday Post To Your Friends Timelines!

This Builds A 2nd Touch Point Of Having Them Connect With You!

Plus Their Friends Will See Your Post & Whatever Cool Special You Are Offering! This Will Create More Awareness About YOU, & YOUR BUSINESS!

3rd - Send Out Advanced Birthday Messages!!

Engage With The Person Before They Are Slammed With Everyone Messaging Them!

This Means Your Message Has A Higher Chance Of Visibility!

4th - Follow-Up Messages!!!

This Is Game Changer For Building Rapport & Also Creating More Engagement! Remember They Might Of Been Busy & Missed Your 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Touch Points!!!

The 4th Comes Days Later When Their Life Has Calmed Down Some More!

They See All Your Previous Messages As Well Because Of The 4th Touch Point!!!

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Best Part Once It's Setup It's